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Lakshadweep Tour (5Days/4Nights)

Day 01

Arrival at Cochin Port & Stay there. Cochin Port or Kochi Port is a major port on the Arabian Sea – Laccadive Sea – Indian Ocean sea-route in the city of Kochi and is one of the largest ports in India. It is also the first transshipment port in India.

In the evening moving to Lakshadweep & stay night in ship.

Day 02

Moving to Minicoy. Minicoy is the second largest and the southernmost among the islands of the Lakshadweep archipelago. Minicoy is almost completely covered with coconut trees. One of the few landmarks of the island is a tall lighthouse. Its western side is fringed by a narrow reef and coral rocks awash. The interior of the lagoon is sandy and of moderate depth, rarely reaching 4 m. It has some coral patches.

Stay night in ship

Day 03

Kalpeni has a beach at the northern tip of the island called Tip Beach where one can do snorkeling, sea bath and kayaking. Because of the coral reefs present in the sea near the beach, the water is shallow and calm, making it an excellent spot for beach activities.

There is a 37-metre-high (121 ft) lighthouse in Kalpeni from whose top one can see a bird's eye view of the island, the lagoon with the smaller islands, the reef and the surrounding ocean. From the top of the lighthouse, one can visualize the abundance of coconut trees and the ground is not visible due to dense packing of the tops of these trees.

Stay night in ship

Day 04

Kavaratti island

Tourism is one of the primary industries on the island. The island has pristine white sand beaches, favored by tourists for sun bathing. The calm lagoons on Kavaratti island are ideal for water sports and swimming. The waters around the coral atoll are rich in diverse marine life. The Kavaratti Aquarium has a rich collection of corals and a vast collection of tropical fish specimens.

The other major industries on the island are fisheries and agriculture. Coconut is the dominant crop on the island. With the ascent of tourism, the fishing industry has seen a major decline.

Stay night in ship

Day 05

Moving to Cochin Port.

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