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Stockholm Tour (03Days/02Nights)

Day 01

Arrival at the airport

Brunnsviken Bay

Brunnsviken is a 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) by 0.4–0.5 kilometres (0.25–0.31 mi) brackish lake in Sweden located on the boundary between Solna Municipality and Stockholm Municipality, connecting to Lilla Värtan through Ålkistan.[1] It has a perimeter of 12 kilometres (7.5 mi). Around Brunnsviken there are a wide range of interesting buildings and facilities. Brunnsviken stretches all the way from Vasastaden, Stockholm in the south to Bergshamra, Solna in the north, with Hagaparken along the western shoreline.[1] In the 1700s, Gustav III had plans to build a continuous belt of English parks around the lake. Since 1994, Brunnsviken has been a part of the Royal National City Park.

Haga Park

Hagaparken is located along the western shoreline of Brunnsviken and is a part of the Royal National City Park. Within the park are Haga Palace, King Gustav III's Pavilion, the Chinese Pavilion, the Haga Echo Temple, the Turkish Kiosk, an older castle ruin (which is not really a ruin as it is the remains of a castle never finished) and several other interesting buildings on the grounds (such as the peculiar Copper Tents and also the Butterfly House). Included in the Haga Park is also the Royal Burial Ground of the Swedish Royal family (since 1922), where several members and ancestors of the present Swedish royal Bernadotte family rest. Ulriksdal Palace (Swedish: Ulriksdals slott) is a royal palace situated in Hagaparken.

Moving to Stallmastaregarden & Stay Night in there

Day 02

City tour at Fjällgatan

Fjällgatan is a street in the Kronan district on Södermalm in Stockholm . It stretches on Stigberget between Renstiernas gata in the west and Erstagatan in the east. The street is 27.8 meters above the Salt Lake and is known for the beautiful view over Stockholm's inlet and the city's most central parts. Already in 1913, the politician Anna Lindhagen proposed that the area south of Fjällgatan should become a cultural reserve and be saved for posterity. However, the decision only came in 1956, long after her death.

Stay Night in Fjällgatan

Day 03

Move back to airport

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