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Sweden Tour(05Days/04Nights)

Day 01

Arrival at Gothenburg & Stay Night in there

Day 02

City tour at Gothenburg

In the evening boat ride at Lake Vänern

Stay Night at Gothenburg

Day 03

Sails at Göta Canal.

Visit lake Viken

Moving to Karlsborg

Garrison Church.

Lake Vättern

Vättern is the second largest lake by surface area in Sweden, after Vänern, and the sixth largest lake in Europe. It is a long, finger-shaped body of fresh water in south central Sweden, to the southeast of Vänern, pointing at the tip of Scandinavia. Being a deep lake at 128 metres (420 ft) or 40 metres (130 ft) below sea level at its deepest point, Vättern is about 1/3 the surface area of Vänern but in spite of this contains roughly 1/2 of its water.

Vättern drains into Motala ström through Bråviken into the Baltic Sea, but also has a downstream connection since 1832 through Göta Canal to Vänern and the Kattegat tributary of the Atlantic Ocean. The lake has plenty of sources from rivers and small lakes, with the highest located sources being near Nässjö on the South Swedish Highland near the southeastern shoreline.

Moving to Motala & Stay Night in there

Day 04

Lake Boren

Lake Roxen

Vreta monastery ruin and church

Enjoying Slätbaken

Stay Night in Motala

Day 05

Lake Mälaren

Mälaren is the third-largest freshwater lake in Sweden (after Vänern and Vättern). Its area is 1,140 km2 and its greatest depth is 64 m. Mälaren spans 120 kilometers from east to west. The lake drains, from south-west to north-east, into the Baltic Sea through its natural outlets Norrström and Söderström (as it flows around Stadsholmen island) and through the artificial Södertälje Canal and Hammarbyleden waterway. The easternmost bay of Mälaren, in central Stockholm, is called Riddarfjärden. The lake is located in Svealand and bounded by the provinces of Uppland, Södermanland and Västmanland. The two largest islands in Mälaren are Selaön (91 km2) and Svartsjölandet (79 km2). Mälaren is low-lying and mostly relatively shallow.

Drottningholm Castle and Birka.

Viking Museum

The Viking Museum depicts conditions in the Viking Age and has displayed items borrowed from, among others, the Historical Museum , the Gotland Museum and the Sigtuna Museum . In the exhibition there is also a reconstruction of a Viking Age man, a farmer from Sigtuna who was named "Leifur".

The screening includes the eleven-minute long Viking journey "Ragnfrid's saga", during which the visitor can take part in a story about life in the Viking age, both at home on the farm and on the road.

Among the initiators of the museum are Ulf Larsson, Fredrik Uhrström, LG Nilsson and Staffan Götestam .

Move back to airport

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